The 1990s

“Knowledge gives people the confidence to take control of their lives. It also gives them the confidence to take control of the development of their own countries.”

UNAIS was a key member of the British Volunteers Agency Liason Group (BVALG) and by the 1990s, the consortium of aid agencies had decided to focus their work geographically.  UNAIS concentrated our programmes into the three distinct areas where we still work today – Latin America, West Africa and the occupied Palestinian territory.

In 1998, International Service became a registered charity separate from the UNA and volunteers were now called development workers as our placements for two or three years required skilled professionals to take on technical roles with the project partners. The charity began a process of consultation with our partners so we could respond appropriately to their needs.

“The difference one individual can make to a village, or a women’s group or a local non- government organisation (NGO) through all these years was the positive force that inspired us to continue our work.” 

What our supporters say:

“Charity Projects shares the commitment of UNAIS to build on the energies and ideas of local people. In Burkina Faso a grant is helping their efforts with poor communities to find lasting solutions to producing crops in an area of low rainfall”    
Peter Raven, Africa Grants Officer, Charity Projects

“The Scott Bader Commonwealth has assisted with the work of UNAIS in the Occupied Palestinian Territories because their projects support our philosophy of promoting peaceful ways to resolve conflict and also assist people to help themselves in order to give them a sense of dignity and respect”
Denise Sayer, Scott Bader Commonwealth Ltd

“We are so impressed by your recent account of Hamish Osborn’s work to bring clean water to part of Bolivia, with the details of how it is done, that we are dedicating to it the proceeds of a concert to be held in October”
Mollie Whittemore, UNA Woodford Branch

“The Trust has been funding small innovative grassroots projects in West Africa through UNAIS since 1986. The Trustees have been impressed with the dedication and high calibre of the project workers whom they have supported during that time. Most grants are given, though usually modest in size, have proved to be extremely worthwhile”
Polly Fawcitt, Administrator, Sir Halley Stewart Trust

“Following a presentation by UNAIS we decided to support three health professionals working with poor, isolated communities in the interior of the Amazon. We were impressed by UNAIS’ ethos of helping local people to resolve their own problems through building on local resources and skills”
Dave Rollinson on behalf of the Andersen Consulting Charity Committee

Zembila showing how she makes soap - 1999

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