Our Trustees

Our Trustees meet six times a year, and are responsible for overseeing the governance and strategic direction of International Service. They make sure we are:


Brian Rockliffe OBE (chair) has now retired from VSO after 42 years. Since working as a volunteer in Tanzania (1974-78), Brian occupied leadership roles right across VSO’s work. Immediately prior to retirement, he was Director of the International Citizen Service (ICS) programme. Brian has been Director of VSO Sierra Leone/Liberia, VSO Canada and VSO UK. His passion has been to develop programmes which enable volunteers from the global South to participate fully in development programmes. He also championed the role of youth in development through programmes such as Global Xchange and ICS. 

Liam Conlon first worked with International Service as a Team Leader at a disability NGO in Burkina Faso in 2012, and has been on the Board for over four years. He is a disability rights activist and campaigner: much of his work draws on his own experiences of living with a disability. Liam has also worked in consulting and for the Labour Party, and he holds an MPhil in Development Economics and a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Cambridge.

Bob Dignen is a director of York Associates, an organisation which specialises in international team and leadership training and coaching, particularly for those involved in international projects. Bob is a practitioner and delivers seminars on leading and working on international projects. He has been involved with International Service in some capacity since 2008.

Professor Paul Gready is the Director of the Centre for Applied Human Rights at the University of York, whose work includes providing various forms of protection for human rights defenders at risk. The Centre has played a key role in the campaign to have York declared the UK's first human rights city, and pioneered projects integrating human rights and the arts. Professor Gready’s research includes work on development and human rights - and as such aligns perfectly with the approach of International Service.

Professor Jean Grugel is Professor of Development Politics at the University of York, where she leads the International Development Network. Jean has previously worked at the University of Sheffield and the Open University. Her research, which largely focuses in Latin America, and interests, are very broad, from political economy to human rights and global governance.

Dr. Reverend Lukas Njenga has extensive experience in education and charities, as a Trustee and Director. He is involved in micro-finance, community development, and is CEO of Heart for the City.

Callum Northcote volunteered in the occupied Palestinian territory with International Service in 2013, then coordinated the ground-breaking Shape Your Future Conference for International Service before returning to Palestine as a Team leader in 2015.  He has worked for the Scottish Government and is now in the policy team at RESULTS UK, an international development advocacy organisation.

Naomi Passman is a Solicitor and Civil Servant with experience as a commercial lawyer in private practice and in local and central government. Naomi’s work has given her an insight into deprivation and hardship in the UK as well as environmental issues. Naomi now leads a team at the Department for Communities and Local Government advising on European Structural Funds and UK economic growth programmes.  Naomi is passionate about human rights and increasing equality around the world and has recently obtained a certificate in Poverty Reduction – Policy and Practice with a view to applying an empowering ethos more broadly.

Carla Sayer is an ICS alumni who completed her placement with International Service Partner TradeAID in Ghana She has a BA in Anthropology from the University of Edinburgh. Carla currently works as a volunteer co-ordinator for a social enterprise and volunteers as an IVO4ALL mentor. She is passionate about young people, empowering female leadership and international development more generally.

Nancy Redpath (Treasurer) is a qualified accountant with over 20 years experience in industry.  She worked at International Service as Finance Manager and is now working for a local Multi Academy Trust.