Sharing Her Story
International Women’s Day – 8 March 2012

International Service supports the most marginalised people in global society. This is why we work in partnership with local organisations around the world to protect and promote the rights of women.

With our local partners, we work with women and men to promote gender equality and the right of women to participate fully in society.

For example, we currently have 3 Development Workers on placement with the Women’s Centre for Legal Aid Counselling in Palestine, and our ICS youth volunteers have been working with women’s organisations in Mali and Burkina Faso supporting business development, literacy classes, and sexual health awareness.

Sharing Her Story

Celebrating women internationally is a vital contribution to shifting gender relations.

We’re encouraging all of our supporters and volunteers to get involved this International Women’s Day. Sharing Her Story is something easy and inspiring that everyone can do.

All you have to do is:

Our ICS volunteers in particular will have some of the most unique stories of inspirational women from their overseas placements.
Now’s the time to share them!

Check out this slideshow for some support and guidance

And remember to share your ideas and what you're doing
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Why we support women

If society is to fulfil its potential, women must enjoy equal rights.

Of the estimated 1.4 billion poor people worldwide, 70% are women.
Two thirds of people who cannot read or write are women.
One women dies in childbirth every minute.

But progress is happening. When women are educated, they become more economically independent, and mothers place a much higher value on their children’s education and healthcare.

Whilst achieving gender equality is one of the eight Millennium Development Goals, equality for women and girls is also central to achieving the other seven.

Learn more about women and the MDGs here

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