Social Justice for Women in Burkina Faso

Each year International Women’s Day dedicates time to recognising the rights and achievements of women around the world. This year, in 2014, the day will be extra special for Kabeela’s female members as all their hard work will be acknowledged by the opening of the association’s co-operative shop.

For the past sixteen years Kabeela, a women’s association based in the Oubritenga region in Burkina Faso, has been working to increase women’s civil and political participation and to create equal access to and control over economic resources.  Through teaching its members income generating activities the association aims to provide them with the practical tools to improve their living conditions.

The opening of the shop marks a huge progress in the development of Kabeela members. Sessions provided by the association on the skills needed to venture into business activities, including lessons on maths and money counting, have encouraged them to become true-entrepreneurs. The new co-operative shop will be filled withrecycled and environmentally-friendly goods the women have made using techniques learnt at Kabeela. They will be selling cosmetic shea butter, bags, jewellery and household accessories made out of crocheted plastic bags, jewellery made from a paper-mâché technique and tea-bags containing powder extracted from the Moringa tree. Creating a space tosell such products will increase the women’s income and financial independence, their self-esteem and presence in the community.

The opening of the shop is to coincide with International Women’s Day to show that, in a country where women are often forced into a young marriage and domestic tasks,where female literacy rate stands at 21.6%, and where the is an unfavourable environment for the improvement of women’s social and economic conditions, Kabeela works hard to ensure that ‘social justice’ is a reality rather than a mere concept for the women of Burkina Faso.

International Women’s Day at Kabeela

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