Finished your A-Levels

Volunteer overseas to change lives – and your future

Guy and Josh are urging more young people to follow them on a life-changing, fully-funded volunteering scheme which could see them living in Africa, Latin America or the Middle East this winter.

Guy Levy spent 12-weeks volunteering in Bolivia this summer through the government-backed International Citizen Service (ICS) programme, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity open to all 18-25 year olds in the UK.

ICS is open to any British young person, not just for graduates or people who want to start a career in development. Guy had finished his A-levels and wasn’t sure about what he wanted to next, and 12 weeks overseas was the perfect opportunity to reflect on his future.

Guy said: “It feels cliché to say that ICS was life changing, so I wouldn't say that completely, but because of the ways in which the experience changed the way I think about life and see the world, the direction of my life and the type of person that I try to be has surely changed in a wholly positive way.

“I had postponed University for a year because I wasn't entirely sure of what I wanted to study, spending 12 weeks on placement gave me ample time to reflect whilst also helping to build my CV and do something truly productive with my time.

Josh, 23, was working in a local supermarket when he applied for ICS and went to Ghana, added: “I think that all young people should consider it as part of their options.

“ICS is definitely worth a look, especially if you are not sure what you want to do work-wise. It is free to do, and ICS can put you in a position where you can help a lot of people, waking up every morning and changing people’s lives.

“It will fulfil you and broaden your horizons as projects cover loads of different career paths.

“ICS gave me the opportunity to try different things, like working with young people. I really enjoyed teaching, never even thought of it as a career but now I might go to uni to get PGCE.”

Their placement were arranged through development charity International Service, one of the experienced agencies delivering ICS whose projects can cover everything from helping Bolivian women to start agriculture businesses to supporting young people to take a full part in society in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, as well as supporting disability sports in Western Africa.

ICS is open to any 18-25 year old with the right to work in the UK. For more information click here.

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