Growing Confidence in Burkina Faso

When International Service ICS started working in Burkina Faso, Tigoung Nonma (TN), a disabled artisan cooperative, were a small group co-located at our partner organisation Handicap Solidare Burkina. We identified the potential of TN, especially the then secretary of TN Zenabou Sawadogo; a woman living with a disability. According to Zenabou – prior to International Service involvement, she was afraid to speak in public, shied away from decision making and had little knowledge on how to fundraise or develop partnerships.

Ms Sawadogo said, “The ICS programme in Burkina Faso has improved my proficiency in IT, in English and my commitment to my organisation.

“Socially my confidence has been strengthened. The fact that people in society are looking at me positively gives me the strength to go ahead and I forget about my disability.”  

Through use of ICS volunteers and International Service staff, we provided support and training in developing Zenabou’s leadership skills, project planning and monitoring and evaluation capacity; significantly improving her confidence, management skills and English language which enabled her to grow TN to a position of running its own ICS programme. Zenabou is now TN’s coordinator and has led the groups continued expansion, improved organisation and significantly improved TN’s visibility and reputation. We continue to have regular meetings with TN and continue to improve their capacity through ICS volunteers and staff support.

Zenabou Sawadogo, coordinator of Tigoung Nonma, Burkina Faso

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