There's no place like (my two) homes

Return ICS Volunteer Ben Geeson-Brown spent 3 months from January 2015 working on the Disability Resource Centre project in Ghana. As part of the ICS programme Ben spent his time in Ghana living with a host family. Here is what he had to say about it:

"I believe it was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz that said 'there's no place like home'. With that being said then I am spoilt, because after this experience.... I now have 2 homes.

"When we were told back in the UK that we were living in a host home, I literally had no idea what to expect. My initial fears included whether I would have wifi, what I would do without a play station and whether I'd be able to survive without Sky Sports. Shamefully, these things mattered before my ICS journey.

"My greatest fear however was that when I arrived I would not be welcomed into a warm and happy home. After 5 minutes on that first night in that funny old compound in Nyohani my biggest fear simply vanished.

"Through my 10 weeks here I have received nothing but support, kindness, warmth and generosity from my host family. My experience there has been faultless. They have welcomed me in and I have become part of their extended family.

"A case in point was the final weekend, after a nightmare night struggling in the grips of malaria they all gave me a lift to the hospital without a moments thought. Mr Ibrahime, Abdul Raheem and the brothers waited there for me the whole time and made sure I got back safely.

"Throughout the day I had constant visitors from Samara and all the other women in the compound who dont speak a word of English just to check that I was doing ok.

"Mr Ibraheme and Samara, you have the most beautiful home and I cannot thank you enough for everything you and all your wonderful family has done for me. It's goodbye for now, but goodbye does not mean forever. We will remain in contact and after the generosity you have shown me there is no doubt I will be back to visit my home away from home. M'PIA"

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Ben with his host family in Nyohani, Ghana

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