2015 News Archive

The 1st Bolgatanga International Craft and Arts Fair (BICAF)

Bolgatanga International Craft and Arts Fair is an event that showcases the crafting talents of the Upper East region, and seeks to promote their products to an international audience, encouraging greater tourism into Bolgatanga.

UltraRunning for Rights Overseas

Louisa Rodriguez, a York events manager is running a gruelling 60-miles - all in one go! - to support the rights of marginalised people in West Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.

The World's Best News

Today, International Service volunteers distributed 'The World's Best News' to members of the public in partnership with BOND and Action/2015. .

Youth Summit 2015

Tomorrow, International Service will be proudly represented by 27 young people at The Youth Summit at the Department for International Development in London.

A-Level results day: what next?

Guy had finished his A-levels and wasn’t sure about what he wanted to next, and 12 weeks overseas was the perfect opportunity to reflect on his future.

Young people matter

According to our Alumni Waris Mahad, young people have never mattered more than they do today

The York 10K - Support the #RaceForRights

Meet Danny and Sharon, two amazing members of our York 10k team.

There's no place like (my two) homes

I believe it was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz that said 'there's no place like home'. With that being said then I am spoilt, because after.

Human Rights; it's what we do

The Human Rights Act enshrines our very freedoms into law. It protects our fundamental right to life.


Volunteer Recognition Day - Palestine

A show of support, highlighting the importance and value of volunteering. In the words of one of our ICS team leaders: "We are here together to create a better world.”

Growing confidence in Burkina Faso

Tigoung Noma was a small project in Burkina Faso, co-located at a larger organisation before International Service's involvement. Now, after dedicated support and guidance, Tigoung Noma has grown; it even delivers its own ICS programme!

For a silent La Paz

A near constant wall of noise is the sound of La Paz. Working through Zebras, we strive for a silent La Paz, a place of silence, peace and calm.

The journey to Africa's 2nd Fair Trade town

Through International Service ICS and our partner TraidAID, Bolgatanga in within touching distance of becoming Africa's next Fair Trade town, making Bolgatanga only the second town in Africa to acheive the coverted status.


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