Help us Educate Girls in Northern Ghana

Education is a fundamental human right, and one for which we’ve been fighting for nearly 65 years. But for many children in Northern Ghana, access to education is still a challenge: 37% of the poorest children are classed as Out of School (OOS) by UNESCO.  The town of Tolon has one of the lowest literacy rates in the Northern Region, with around 70% of adults unable to read or write.

Girls are especially at risk when they are OOS, as they are more susceptible to child labour and early marriage. This means they are more likely to experience poverty in adulthood, and will be less equipped to escape it. These challenges are multiplied for girls with disabilities, who also face additional barriers and cultural stigma.

International Service is working to change this. With a 65-year history of empowering people to access their human rights, we know that a complex programme like education requires a bespoke solution. That is why we’ve designed the FULL-G programme.

Credit: Katie Barraclough(School girls at International Service partner project RAINS. Photo Credit: Katie Barraclough)

What is FULL-G?

FULL-G will tackle the barriers to education for 30 OOS girls in Tolon.  We will work closely with the community and partner organisations for 12 months, delivering:

FULL-G is a fully inclusive programme: each strand of the programme will include girls with disabilities. This means that as well as supporting girls’ education, FULL-G will also specifically promote the rights of girls with disabilities.

FULL-G has the power to transform the lives of the 30 girls on the programme. But it also has the potential to transform the community. Educated girls will grow up to be economically-empowered women who are more likely to send their children to school, and break the cycle of poverty for future generations. Educated women also re-invest in their local areas, leading to more economically prosperous communities.  

Empowering girls with disabilities to return to education and grow up to be fully integrated members of their community reduces the stigma around disability, and opens up possibilities for all people with disabilities.

To make all of this happen, we need your help.

What can I do?

To make FULL-G happen, we’re looking to fundraise £5,000. This sum will cover the costs of delivering all the sessions, as well as the costs of monitoring the project to ensure it’s a success.

To reach this ambitious target, we’re taking part in the Big Give’s Christmas Challenge. Between now and 31 August, we’re asking for pledges of a minimum of £100 from our supporters. These pledges will be matched by philanthropists on the Big Give platform, meaning that your £100 pledge could result in £400 of funding for the programme.

You’re part of a fantastic network of supporters, former volunteers and friends who can help us reach this target. You can pledge £100 easily and quickly online, if you feel able to do so. But there are three ways you can encourage others to give to the cause too:

To find out more, visit:

Or contact our Business Development Manager Caleb Rowan ( // 01904  731142).