International Service partners with Rotary Club of York Vikings to change lives in Ghana

Attendees at the Training(Attendees at the training in October 2016)

A collaboration between two York-based charities local is changing lives in rural Ghana.

International Service is a human rights charity that works with women and girls, children and young people, and people with disabilities.

Working with partner organisations in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Rwanda, International Service helps people access their fundamental human rights.

A partnership with York Vikings Rotary Club is now helping both charities to change lives in Ghana.

In October 2016, International Service used a gift of nearly £2,000 from York Vikings to train 16 staff from its partner community organisations. The training covered vital skills from first aid to project management.

The training will have a lasting impact by helping organisations to reach more people and change more lives.

Over 2,700 staff, volunteers and members of these organisations will benefit from this training, which is an average of 172 people per attendee.

Conrad works with TradeAID, an organisation that trains and supports artisans in Northern Ghana to help them earn a fair living. He says: “Now I can actually track and report the progress of my projects. This means we can see that our initiatives are working.”

Rashida works with WOSAG, an organisation that promotes girls’ education and women’s economic empowerment. She says: “I learned about project management, and this has helped us to set up a Savings and Loan Association in our village.

“This will mean that women can save together to take out loans that will help them improve their business.”

But this training is not just improving lives, it is also saving them.

Prince works with CBR-LIFE, a charity which supports people with disabilities to integrate into the community.

He says: “I have shared knowledge on how to manage convulsions with some of our epileptic clients. They can share this with their family, who can make sure that they are safe.”

Conrad from TradeAid recalls, “I have specifically used the first aid knowledge I gained: I was able to save a child who was choking on food. I don’t know what could have happened if I did not have that knowledge.”

Graham Harris, of the International Committee at Rotary Club of York Vikings says: “The Rotary Club is very happy to help International Service in their journey to change the lives of others."

"We share a common interest in empowering people in developing countries, and we are confident that the knowledge shared through this training can help beneficiaries to build a successful future."

Jo Baker, CEO of International Service says: “This training is a fantastic example of what organisations can achieve when they collaborate. It will empower these organisations to ensure that artisans can grow their business, girls can receive a quality education; and people with disabilities can live full and healthy lives as valued members of their communities.”

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