"An Incredible Organisation": Secretary of State visits International Service

Priti Patel, Secretary of State for International Development, visited our York office on 15th May.

Ms. Patel met with CEO Jo Baker to discuss International Service's work with women, children and young people, and people with disabilities. Speaking to the Yorkshire Post, Ms. Patel described the charity as "an incredible organisation who embed international development at the heart of Yorkshire and do great work globally.”

Working with local organisations, International Service empowers people to access their fundamental human rights: from the right to gain an education, to the right to live a life free from violence.

Jo Baker said: "We discussed the impact we're having, the challenges we're facing - and overcoming - and the importance of using the Global Goals as drivers for real and lasting change across the globe and in our own communities here in York."

Jo said: "We're a relatively small charity which is really proud of the big impact we're making globally, so it is fantastic that the Secretary of State wants to know more about our work and our plans for the future."

This approach is having a real impact in communities across the world. Last year, International Service engaged over 91000 people in human rights work. From organisaing BICAF to offer Ghanain artisans access to a larger market, to delivering Girls' Clubs to help keeps girls in Burkina Faso in school, International Service works in partnership with local communities to deliver meaningful, long-lasting change.

Delivering this approach in the UK is the next goal for International Service, which is now workuign alongside City of York Council, local partners and communities to bring the best practice from around the globe to the UK.

You can help us continue to deliver our life changing-work. Donate to International Service today to support our work in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Rwanda today. Your donation could support disabled arisans in Burkina Faso to provide for their families, or help keep girls in rural Ghana in school. To find out more, visit our supporters page.