"Putting people with disabilities at the centre of our work:" Georgie Bullen visits York to launch REACT.

Team GB Paralympic goalball player Georgie Bullen visited York on Wednesday 8th November to launch REACT – an inclusive disability project that will improve the lives of blind and partially sighted people in northern Ghana.

Georgie Bullen is partnering with International Service, to promote the rights of people with disabilities in Ghana, using sport as the tool.

Georgie, who launched the project at York St. John says, “Goalball requires players to trust their teammates, to listen to each other and to work as one. Playing and promoting goalball is a fantastic way to enable disabled people to develop new skills that they can be proud of, and become a visible member of their community. REACT will challenge the attitudes in the UK and Ghana that say what disabled people ‘can’t do’.”

In Ghana, over 300,000 people live with severe visual impairment. They are often undervalued and excluded by the society due to lack of understanding about disability. REACT will challenge this stigma by promoting inclusive sports, and working with six Ghanaian communities to alter their perceptions about disability.

International Service CEO Jo Baker explains: “We promote and defend the rights of people with disabilities in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Malawi and Rwanda. REACT will build on the success of our existing inclusive sports projects that have supported people to improve their health, become more involved in their communities, and gain the skills they need to live independently.”

In the UK, there are limited opportunities available for visually-impaired people to volunteer overseas. International Service is working to address this issue by recruiting equal numbers of fully sighted and visually-impaired volunteers, providing an opportunity for all young people aged 18-25 to apply and take part in this fantastic experience.

REACT will enable its volunteers to develop their skills and CV, as well as making a difference in marginalised communities. Jo Baker continues, “For us, REACT is the next step: we’re putting people with disabilities at the centre of this project by recruiting blind and partially-sighted volunteers. We’re thrilled to have Georgie’s expertise, knowledge, on board, not to mention her goalball skills!”

Applications for REACT are welcomed from 18-25 year olds from all backgrounds and all abilities. Don’t miss the opportunity to make a difference: click here to apply before the 30th November.