York 10k 2016

Once again our fantastic supporters are putting on their trainers to join the race for rights; running the York 10k to support our work with women and girls, young people, and people with disabilities in developing countries.
An 17-strong team, from 4-years-old to ‘old-enough-not-to-ask’ will be running to raise awareness and funds for the York-based charity’s work to give women, children and young people, and people with disabilities access to their rights across the globe.
Jo Baker, Chief Executive of International Service, said:
“Everyone at International Service and our project partners across the globe appreciate our supporters – we can’t do what we do without you.
“Your efforts will help us to support people in even more countries in 2016, including Rwanda, and develop new ways to support long-term partners facing immense challenges in unstable countries like Mali.
“Whether you’re hoping for a personal best or just to get round, I wish all our runners the best of luck.”

Why race for rights?
International Service invests in people. People drive real and lasting change in their communities. From Britain to Burkina Faso, we’re working with the local people and organisations who are transforming communities by changing attitudes, lives and outcomes for women, girls, young people and people with disabilities.
We strengthen the skills and knowledge of local organisations, and together we support people to gain access to the rights which give them the power to change their lives; the right to an education, to skills, jobs or to start a business.
Organisations like Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) in Sandema, Ghana, and local people like David Achuroa Akanpentiba.

David embodies the need for and the power of our approach to development. David’s callipers and crutches betray the lower limb paralysis caused by his childhood polio.

David’s family had kept him locked in his house for years. CBR found him through their outreach work, helped him to improve his mobility, worked with his family and helped all the other children understand that he was able to do things, and to achieve.
David has now become the first person in his family to graduate from university, and has secured a job as an M&E officer at CBR after a stint inspiring young volunteers from the UK and Ghana as a team leader on our International Citizen Service (ICS) programme.
His presence on ICS perfectly illustrated that the objectives of the project - to sensitise Ghanaian communities to the rights, potential and aspirations of people with disabilities – were worthwhile and achievable. When working in communities, David became the real-life embodiment of its message.

David says: “Of course there is more impact because people see you, and understand that disability is not in itself inability. Those people who know someone with a disability, once they see someone who has not let the obstacles prevent them from getting where they are, then start to think what that person might be able to do.“
“My passion is to work with those who have disabilities, especially the children, to show them that they have a lot of talents they can give to society.”

So to help us provide more local organisations with the support they need to keep changing lives like David's, show your support for the York 10k team here


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