International Service was created by volunteers offering their skills across borders. For the last 64 years, our story has shown the power of volunteering and global partnership.


"I may prefer to travel alone, but that's only possible when you have this much support" - Sochel's Story

September 2017 - For Sochel, fundraising for her ICS placement was an epic journey from East to West.

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"NCS and ICS have made me realise how passionate I am about voluntary work" - Alissa's Story

June 2017 - For Alisa Watson (21) NCS and ICS have sparked an ongoing passion for voluntary work.

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"Some people thought I was brave but mad. It turned out to be the best decision I ever made": Kelly-Marie's Story

April 2017 - Kelly-Marie's ICS Team Leader placement allowed her to take the next step in her career.

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"NCS and ICS gave me the confidence and motivation to do what I'd always wanted": Jianvario's Story

February 2017 - Jianvario's experience of NCS and ICS have opened his eyes to the possibilities of volunteering.

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"Some people say it's good for your CV, but I say it's good for your self": Usama's Story

August 2016 - For Usama Talat, an ICS placement in Ghana was an ideal way to broaden his skills and shape his career plans before heading off the university.

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