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Dirigez une équipe en Afrique.

“I never imagined myself negotiating in French! Now, I can confidently say I’m fluent, not just conversational but in a business sense.” Keli Tosefa, UK ICS Team Leader in Burkina Faso. 

Lead a team, use your French skills in a professional setting and return with a transformed CV.

Apply now to be an International Citizen Service (ICS) team leader with International Service for six month placements starting in January or June 2017.

Apply now to be on placement in June.

What is the role? 

You'd be leading a team of UK and local volunteers in East or West Africa to deliver the ICS development programme. And because ICS funded by the UK government, it won't cost you a penny. 

Eligibility - you must be: 

23-35 years old 
Experience of supporting a team 
Have a current UK address 

What type of project will I work on? 

With a focus on human rights, you'll be supervising a team delivering training to support our project partners. Work could involve conducting awareness-raising campaigns, improving English language skills, and empowering partners to improve their fundraising and capacity. Find out more here 

All placements are fully-funded; your flights, vaccinations, food and accommodation are all paid for.  

If your current plans don’t give you these opportunities, apply to change them now.

Language Requirements

To be eligible, you must be 23 or older with experience of supporting a team, plus you must be a UK citizen or an EU citizen who has lived in the UK for at least a year with a current UK address.

You must also be confident working in French. Try testing yourself with our reading and listening language self-assessment quizzes.

Listening Excercise

Here, we stage a scenario where a volunteer comes to you with a problem. There is an audio file to download, and a quiz to test your listening abilities.

French Listening Test

You can also click here if the quiz doesn't load automatically.

Reading Excercise

Here, we stage a scenario where you receive a letter from a local community centre. There is a document to download, and a quiz to test your reading abilities.

French Reading Test

You can also click here if the quiz doesn't load automatically.


How did you do?

If you got over 80% on the quiz, well done! You have the skills we are looking for as a Team Leader.

If you got less than 80%, these placements require you to be able to work in French. But don't worry, if you're 25 or under, we still encourage you to apply to ICS as a general volunteer. Through this, you can still practice your language skills, and gain the skills to lead your own team in the future.

Find out more:

To find out more about this opportunity or to apply, contact Ieva today:

Call: 01904 731140


Ieva is a former ICS volunteer who is happy to answer any questions you have.


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